PSG’s singular focus on Philadelphia sets us apart from other firms.


What We Can Do For You

PSG is located across the street from City Hall and no one knows better how to align what Philly wants with what our clients are seeking.

  • City Council Legislation. PSG knows better than anyone how to make sure you have a seat at the table if your voice isn’t being heard in City Hall. If you have a policy proposal you’d like the city to implement, or want to prevent a bad bill from becoming law, we know the process and have led clients through it dozens of times. We will quickly develop and execute your successful legislative strategy.
  • Procurement. Some of Philly’s largest private contractors have turned to PSG because they know we can help align their services to the City’s needs. As the City seeks new and innovative approaches to its urban challenges, we know our way through the bureaucratic processes and how to identify and overcome the hurdles along the way.
  • Appropriations. Harrisburg and DC have broad discretionary funds available, but at the City level, the dollars are much more tightly allocated. Still, there are opportunities available for the right type of services in the Philly budget. Over the years, we have won those hard fought battles for scarce resources because we know to position our clients for success.
  • City Hall Monitoring. Some clients are merely seeking “eyes and ears on the ground,” to ensure that they don’t read in the paper that City Hall has proposed policies detrimental to their industry. PSG is in City Hall every day, and our broad network of relationships provides an extra level of security and ensures that our clients are the first to know of any opportunities that arise.
  • Compliance. Lobbying in Philadelphia is regulated, and because no one lobbies in City Hall more than PSG does, nobody knows the rules—and how to stay on the right side of them—better than we do. We’ve become experts on who needs to be registered and what is required to be disclosed, which keeps our clients from getting tripped up on a technicality and suffering avoidable setbacks.